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What is a barter system?

Fairly Exchanged is all based on the idea of a barter swap system, which is intended as an alternative to using currency (the most common medium of exchange). The idea that people could barter goods and services is what started off all the world’s economies and ultimately led to what we have today – an international network of connected trade systems - so we’ve taken it back to basics.


Why is a barter system better?

Swapping items and services without using money is a bit of an alien concept to most people now, since we’re very accustomed to having an agreed currency. However, since things hold have different value to different people, it doesn’t always make sense to assign nominal values to goods and services.

For example, it’s possible to get much more value from someone’s time, if they’re an expert in a certain field, than you would from the equivalent amount of money. In return, that skilled person may be much happier to receive an item that held no value for you.


Does barter exchange work for everything?

We don’t actually want to do away with money completely and have the whole economy running on a barter trade exchange! In fact, we know this wouldn’t work. History tells us that there is no evidence that any economy, even hundreds or thousands of years ago, ever developed significantly without adopting a medium of exchange (or currency). That’s because it becomes necessary when you have too many complex goods and services to account for, and it becomes hard to assign values that people can agree on.


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How does Fairly Exchanged make it work?

The reason Fairly Exchanged works with a barter swap concept is that you’re only trading with one person at a time. It’s easy to agree on the value of items when it’s simply a bilateral trade agreement, once you’re put in touch with the right person, and that’s what our system is for. We provide the information that would be missing in the free market, which makes our trade system effective without the need for cash to change hands. Having access to our website means you can efficiently locate the perfect person to do business with, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly auctions or sales.

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