About Fairly Exchanged

Welcome to Fairly Exchanged, a brand new website for 2016 and a great place to exchange unwanted items, goods and services for something that you really want. We started our new barter exchange system and designed our own unique process for you to get your items or services listed online, before searching for someone offering something you’d prefer in return and arranging the swap with no hassle.

Our idea stems from the fact that there simply aren’t many barter exchange systems online. Of course, it’s easy to find standard auction sites that work by selling your items to the highest bid, but what if you can’t find the right buyer, or that person simply doesn’t have the money to spare? Another issue is that sometimes these sites will charge high fees as a percentage of your proceeds.

We’ve found it’s common for people to get frustrated with these auctions, but it’s a problem with a great potential solution that we wanted to be among the first to implement. That’s why we created Fairly Exchanged, to serve as an alternative to these sites that actually allows both parties to get a lot more value from exchanging their unwanted items! If you can identify someone who has what you want, and is happy to trade it for an item of yours, you eliminate the need for assigning monetary values to everything, and the whole trading process becomes much more efficient!

Of course, you can choose to set an approximate monetary value to your items to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. This is optional, as you may be open to all offers, but it helps make sure our users can find a match quickly and easily. In fact, everything about our barter exchange system is designed to make it simple and straightforward to use, even for beginners.

To get started, all you need to do is register your details, which is free for 30 days! We’ll never charge any kind of commission per item that you trade – our costs are fixed for our annual subscription option, which works out as little as 10p per week!  and represents fantastic value. Get started today 100% free and try it for yourself!

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Welcome to Fairly Exchanged, our brand new website designed to offer a unique platform for exchanging goods and services. We launched in 2016 after developing our idea for some time, making sure our system really reflected our original idea. We found that the selection of bartering services online was extremely limited, but we were confident that this idea would appeal to many people looking for a more practical alternative to traditional auction sites.

After all, we think most people find themselves in a situation that our barter exchange system would be ideal for every once in a while. For example, if you have unwanted items around the house (or your place of business) that you simply just don't need any more, Fairly Exchanged is a great solution. If you’ve already tried selling these items on the usual sites, you might find it difficult to attract the right attention, even if you know someone out there could get so much value out of your items.

But why should you be prepared to compromise and sell them for far less than they are worth, just because the right buyer hasn’t found them? We don’t think you should have to. In fact, Fairly Exchanged offers an opportunity for you to get more value back from all your items and services than you would through a traditional sale. It all comes down to the fact that people place different values on different things. We make it easy to match up with people who want what you’re offering, and can offer you something in return that represents fantastic value to you.


Bartering Services Online


Bartering Services Online


Want to give back and help others in your local community? Bartering services online in return for tangible items can also be a great way of doing just that. By trading some of your free time to provide a service that’s really helpful to someone else, rather than spending your hard-earned money, everybody benefits more than they would have otherwise.

Our process is very straightforward. You can post your unwanted items on our website and decide what you would like of a similar value in return, or you may just wish to leave it open and see the amazing things you may get offered. Alternatively, you may want to exchange your items for a required service such as window cleaning in Windsor, lawn mowing in Liverpool, ironing in Inverness, dog walking in Dover or any other local help you could use! You may even wish to offer your services in exchange for an item or even another service. You decide - the choices are endless!

The name Fairly Exchanged was carefully considered as it underpins our very ethos, with “Fairly” meaning honest, just and proper while “Exchanged”, of course, means to swap, trade or barter one thing in exchange for another. Our name is a simply summary of the feeling we want to give all our users! After all, the whole point of our specially-designed system is to provide extra value for people that could otherwise have been wasted.

We do hope you enjoy using our website, so you can experience all the benefits of swapping and trading your unwanted items and services.

Happy exchanging!

All the team at Fairly Exchanged