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What is Fairly Exchanged?


Fairly Exchanged is the only site that you can sell, trade or promote items worldwide without ANY transaction costs!

Many sites take money off you everytime you sell an item. They also charge additional fees to feature or promote your post or to have an attention grabbing headline. They even charge businesses to advertise on their site! At Fairly Exchanged, our philosophy is really simple - pay a small annual fee and you can post as many items and sell or buy as much as you want for free. We will advertise your items on your behalf through our social media and email marketing activities without having to worry about paying any extra fees.

We also offer a unique barter feature. Imagine your kids have grown up and you have toys you no longet want - but you would like to buy other items for house. All you have to do is post your kids toys (or anything else you don't want from books, clothes, DVDs, garden tools and more) and state that you are prepared to exchange them for items you would like (such as garden furnitures, books or even services such as house cleaning or gardening services). With Fairly Exchanged the possibilitiies are endless - and the only limitations are your imagination!

Below is more information on our unique barter system but you can't wait any longer to get started, just hit the post an item button and tell us what you want to buy, sell, exchange or promote!


What is a barter system?

Fairly Exchanged is all based on the idea of a barter swap system, which is intended as an alternative to using currency (the most common medium of exchange). The idea that people could barter goods and services is what started off all the world’s economies and ultimately led to what we have today – an international network of connected trade systems - so we’ve taken it back to basics.


Why is a barter system better?

Swapping items and services without using money is a bit of an alien concept to most people now, since we’re very accustomed to having an agreed currency. However, since things hold have different value to different people, it doesn’t always make sense to assign nominal values to goods and services.

For example, it’s possible to get much more value from someone’s time, if they’re an expert in a certain field, than you would from the equivalent amount of money. In return, that skilled person may be much happier to receive an item that held no value for you.


Does barter exchange work for everything?

We don’t actually want to do away with money completely and have the whole economy running on a barter trade exchange! In fact, we know this wouldn’t work. History tells us that there is no evidence that any economy, even hundreds or thousands of years ago, ever developed significantly without adopting a medium of exchange (or currency). That’s because it becomes necessary when you have too many complex goods and services to account for, and it becomes hard to assign values that people can agree on.


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How does Fairly Exchanged make it work?

Barteirng isn't for everyone. If you are business you may want to pronote special offers such as 25% off or Buy One Get One Free. Fairly Exchanged is a great site to promote your special offers and generate sales. At home you may want to get rid of unwanted items but don't have anything specific you want to sell. Simply add your items online and we will promote your items for you.

Don't forget we are worldwide! Although we offer services locally you can also promote and sell your items nationally across the UK as well as on an international scale.