Here we aim to answer as many common questions as possible about our website and how to whole system allows you to swap and trade services and goods more efficiently than through traditional methods. If your question is missing, just contact us so we can let you know, and maybe add it to our page!


Swap Unwanted Items & Gifts


Sell Items, Promote Business Services Or Swap Unwanted Items & Gifts


Q. Who can use Fairly Exchanged?

A. Anyone! If you want to sell, buy, swap or trade unwanted gifts or items, this site is for you. If you’re a professional with a particular skill and you have some free time, you can offer your service to people here and see what offers you get in return. We recommend experimenting with it, even if you’re not sure what you want yet.

It doesn't matter if you are selling business services or want to de-clutter your home. You can also sell local services as well as internationally.


Q. How do I sign up?

A. You can register on our website completely free of charge, which gives you 30 days of access to our system. 


Q. How do I subscribe?

A. After your free no obligation trial period is over, you simply select subscribe and you will be directed to our Paypal Screen and for £5 you get 12 months unlimited access to use Fairly Exchanged to swap unwanted items or services as much as you need to, but you’ll be able to get the most out of your experience by trying it out for a while.


Swap and Trade Services for Goods


Swap and Trade Services for Goods


Q. Can I trade services for goods and vice versa?

A. Yes! The great thing about Fairly Exchanged is our system makes it easy to find a match and negotiate a deal, regardless of whether you want to trade unwanted gifts for practical services, the other way round, or a combination of both.


Q. Can I sell or trade an ongoing service?

A. Yes, it’s possible to set your service up on Fairly Exchanged as a weekly, monthly or a one-off service. If you are using the Barter functionality then it works best if two people agree on the same schedule for swapping their time and skills.


Q. How can I help the right people find my listing?

A. Fairly Exchanged allows you to customise your product or service listing to make sure the right people are able to find you and contact you. The system lets you set a location, so if your service is only relevant or available to local people, they’ll be the ones that find you. You can also add category tags to make it even easier!


Q. For Barter Products, Why are the monetary values there?

A. Even though we offer a unique barter exchange system to swap items rather than sell them, we have the option for you to set a value for your service or item. This just makes it easier and quicker to find a fair swap and make comparisons. It can be useful, but it’s not essential. You can also keep your options open and say you will accept cash or a barter trade. This increase the chances of success.


Q. For Bartering, How do I go ahead and swap?

A. Once you’ve found your ideal exchange, you can click “Make an Offer” to get in touch with the person who posted it. From there, simply negotiate your perfect deal and agree to make the swap! If you need any further help, simply let us know.